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by Necropanther

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pinkytheent The claws of the Necropanther lash out again! They have set loose another record of just pitiless energy and aggressive assault. The hallmarks of the Panther are here: the ruthless, razor-sharp thrash and death attack interspersed with just killer, fist-pumping melodic breaks. Like looking up at a clear blue sky after you’re on your back from being mauled to death. Love the highly specific album concept too, with a heavier blend of the Anabasis thrown in. Favorite track: Betrayal.
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Roland My Nr 2 album of 2023. I've been obsessed with this record all year. I listen to it at home, at work, in the car...everywhere I go. Excellent mix of brutal riffage, fierce vocals and melody, that manages to fill the void Skeletonwitch have left. I've become a big fan of these dudes and I'm excited to see what they do next \m/ Favorite track: Into Danger.
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Bart After the blackened thrash opener, the band does play around with their sound quite a bit. The melodic death metal stuff ("Covenant" and "If You Can Count") is solid. The opening track, "One and Only", is so damn good though, it feels that's the band's sweet spot. They revert back to that somewhat with "Revenants". This band is on the verge of something insane. Favorite track: One and Only.
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One and Only 03:04
Warriors on the street, Children of the beach Threaten where they stand, Summoned from the sand. Fight against the world like a black cyclone. Chosen brothers, other victims all alone. Death, dominate, Choose your fate. Runners across the moon, In valleys darkness brews. “Ride,” the shade replies, “Seek for Eldorado.” Death, dominate. Not to feel, kill, Tempting fate. [Solo: Johnson] Choose your fate. Nine men on the train, Hurtling through the dark, Fear the only stain, Warriors leave their mark. Our arms the only proof That can keep us free. Violence the only truth, our identity. Death, dominate Not to feel, kill, Choose your fate, Chase your Wonder Wheel.
Covenant 03:23
Matches spark in the night, Cigarettes starting to glow. Passing war’s flame to the right, Prepare for hellfire, Ready for Cyrus to know. Covenant, Ritual. Crewmen stand on the deck, Ration of rum for each man. Harpoon blade at their neck, Infernal order, Swearing an oath to the plan. Omens to sail, Favor or fail. Covenant, Ritual. Battle – chanting the hymn, Even the cowards turn bold. Mortals destined to die, Glory in death, Dishonor to those who die old. Covenant, Ritual. Arexion observes entrails. Soothsayer’s omen, The Seer says we prevail. Covenant, Ritual. Feel the festering violence in me, Anger that seethes. Choke, tendrils of smoke from the ash, Weaponry flash. Punishment, turning the child Into a blade. The discipline staining the wild, Never to fade. Onward, bent, Covenant. Unholy Ritual.
Breathe Evil 03:46
Demons gather in conclave, Darkest desires made flesh. Killers, idols, lords of the world, Rebel host, only the brave. Beelzebub the serpent summons immortals: Titanium, Moloch, Dagon, Leviathan, Horus, Osiris, Iris, Belial, Titan, Azazel, Thamos, Saturn. Breathe – Evil, Our sole delight. Demons Bleed To reign in hell Breathe – Evil, Our sole delight. Demons Bleed: Pandæmonium. Gangs of the city converge, Van Cortlandt park in the Bronx: Jones Street, Furies, Turnbull ACs, Each group suppressing the urge. Warriors of burroughs gathered for the war, Truce only held up by those with honor. Secret from the leaders of the factions and lords, Terrible purpose hidden from all. Coiled like serpents in the night For independence, under moonlight. The man’s rigged system favors violence, Ministers of death and vengeance. [Solo: Johnson] Cavalry rides on with speed, With honor, never retreat: Hoplites, Peltasts, Spears, slings, and bows, Mercenaries, commandos, Courage greater than our foes’.
The future is ours When we commit. For this we fight, Struggles remit. We shall now rule. “Can you dig it?” “Can you count, suckas?” If you can, you'll know. It is up to us, We can take control. Advancing Up country, March of ten thousand. Turn my army Towards Babylon, Through the country, Plans are unknown. Overthrow the king, Accede the throne, My father’s empire, “I promise you gold.” We will conspire, Become Satraps, “All you desire.” Battle will ensue. Six hundred of us, Take six thousand of you. We follow Cyrus. Advancing Up country, March of ten thousand. Ten thousand fighting strong. March up the country. [Solo: Johnson] Advancing Up country, March of ten thousand. Flash of light, Spear takes flight, Visionary dies.
Into Danger 03:53
Betrayed by the loathsome Rogues, Who came packed and strapped. Who are they in league with? Who have turned their backs? Passed among the cowards, They have taken aim To create anarchy Amongst other gangs. Born into this world of savagery, Disadvantage our identity. Failed by home and priest, we marched into the streets, Grew our numbers, shaped and formed this outlaw pack. Clad in patch and badge, we fight off the factions. Forged in violence, and now we hurl it back. Battle wounds on display, Worn like badges – let them see. Find the way Through bedlam and debris. Cast to foreign shores in an alien land, Scores of legionnaires, no one to take command. Bred to bear the battle’s cost upon our skin Heft the spear tip forth; we march until we win. Doomed to brutality, The ecstasy of slaughter. Compelled by fallen kings, "Bring an end to them all." [Solo: Anop] [Solo: Johnson] In our voracity, The night that burns our souls. Resolved in unity And goal. “You will not master me,” With discipline we call, “Escape authority, Liberate us all.” We drive on. Born into this world of savagery, Disadvantage our fraternity. Battle wounds on display, Worn like badges – let them see. Find the way Through bedlam and debris.
Revenants 03:11
Graveyard haven, Specters arisen again, Warriors against the sin Of ancient traditions. Past returns today, Revenants demand their say. Wraiths will make us pay, Our revolution day. Horror tonight, vampires retreat from the light. Turn them away, lead your men back to the bay. Emerge from the clay, Architect urban decay, Robert Moses’s Parkway resume: Razors, Rivers, Nooses and Guns. Hold your scream. Ghouls will devour the dream. Cut them and flee Escape with your men to the sea. Streams unable to ford, A fighting retreat to the shore. After the mutiny, New captains lead us to sea. [Solo: Anop] [Solo: Johnson] Hunted, enclosed, Stratagem holds us at bay. Hunted, enclosed, Grisly with gore and decay. Hatred exposed, Necessity shows us the way. Hatred exposed, Skeletons' terrible wail.
Wanderers 03:28
Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide. Seek out the train, Chase down your ride. Turnbull ACs in pursuit. Lousy skinheads never learn, No time to lay them to waste. Arm yourself with the city: Bricks, bottles, whips, tire irons. Zensunni wanderers, Each town a simple tribe. Capture the first born, Compel them to guide. Up the mountains, Avoid boulders Stealing a march, The best thief leads on. Footfalls echo, cops pursue. Jackboots blow a steel crush doom. [Solo: Johnson] Outcast street corps Fear sunken eyes. Heave bottled fire, Matron allies. The scorned Reborn Ride forth.
Furies 04:05
Amidst the pitch black of the night, Tunnel gloomy rattles deep. Swarming through the mouth they fly, Wraiths of the keep. Ghoulish faces catch the light, Death-like, painted, grisly palls. Bats of malice drug behind. Demons scowl. Furies in their jerseys, Ever thrashing in the night. Eyeblack turns to nightmares, Chasing, spoiling for a fight. Fearless, batter, shatter, tear, Ten against their five. Riverside will be your end; You’ll never leave alive. Silently, Violently. Scar the flesh and crush the bone. Melee roars with din and screams. Warring for the kingdom’s throne: Adversary. When the game is done with you, Trade the clubhouse for the train. Paint your face to hide your name. Swing for due. Never was a starter, Never got the game to pay. Nothing but the surgeon’s scar, The night turns to day. No more time for running, Warlings stop to make their fight. Clashing for the fallen one to Dominate the night. The strength to hold the bat, The right to wear the cleats. Broadway will stomp them flat Down at 96th street. Our will to hold them back And to reclaim our ground. Bold face frontal attack Brutally beat them down. [Solo: Anop] [Solo: Johnson] Fight on for the morning star To break bonds of helotry. Glorious rebellion, Never to cede. Striding over foes we’ve felled. Breathing fire, won with might. Salvaging the bats that they held, Gripping our right. Endless scrum For freedom, Claim this dark Dominion. The strength to hold the bat, The right to wear the cleats. Questing throughout the black, Honor bound, no retreat. Our will to claim our ground, Our patch of strength unfurled. Now soberly drive down Into the underworld.
Follow the passage Down the black terminal. Hidden from villains, Tracks are the crucible. Walk up the gangplank. Lizzies lurk enticing. Seize all the Warriors, Hostage strategy. We chosen few, Warriors who Seek the sea. Forced march through snow storms, No one is left behind. Fire melts a pit down, Bundled, cold and blind. Strike those who stop to sleep. Aching, thirsting, hunger. Through the passage, danger creeps. Hold our number. Bolt thrown, “The chicks are packed!” Turn, Attack. We, follow me. I will lead on To the sea. For to be free, Ride with me on. I will bleed. [Solo: Anop] [Solo: Johnson] Toward eternity, To be free, We will bleed To the sea.
Creeping through the alley, Hunting for our prey. All the way back to the beach, We will run them down today. Marching down the boardwalk, Safety within reach. Cadillac hearse full of Rogues still stalks. Lure them to the beach. The treachery will be displayed. Your gun will never beat my blade. Warriors – Crush the rest. Warriors – We’re the best. The treachery will be displayed. Your gun will never beat my– Winds and waves surround us, Dueling by the sea. “What compelled me to waste Cyrus? I live for anarchy.” [Solo: Anop] The treachery will be displayed. Your gun will never beat my blade. Monsoon of fists rain down on you. Army of Riffs tear into– Warriors – Crush the rest. Warriors – We’re the best.
Betrayal 05:18
Is this the reward that we Fought and suffered for? Is this craven wasteland All we can call home? Crammed into grimy rooms, Labor for lousy pay, For kings’ impunity, Dread each dawn the day. Treasure for the taking Of a miserable share. The choice is oblivion Or a life of despair. Is this all our brothers Sacrificed and died for? Witnessed our friends fallen, The casualties of war. Will our sun rise On the sea? Orange light guides Destiny. Look back to hell immortal. Exhausted, meditate Across the open sky. Imagine vagabonds, Western winds arise. From ordeal and passage, Experience thereby: Covenant is real, Authority the lie. Maybe I should take off And leave it all behind, Vacant life, poor choices, Ideals unrefined. Outcasts of society, Forgotten rejects, All the flawed companions, The only way to earn our respect. This cursed life, Unfulfilled, Our endured Wretched fall. Our moon will rise On Hades. Darkness guides, Blasphemy. Upon wine-dark seas set sail Into black horizons, Demons piercing the black veil Down to hell.


released March 3, 2023

Paul Anop - Guitar, Vocals
Marcus Corich - Bass, Vocals
Joe Johnson - Guitar
Haakon Sjogren - Drums

Words and music by Necropanther
Published by DeepSearch Audio (ASCAP), Magister Ludi Tunes (ASCAP), Meowmeow Music (ASCAP), Mortis Music (ASCAP)
Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.

Produced by Necropanther

Mixed by David Castillo
Studio Gröndahl | Stockholm, Sweden | November 3 - November 14, 2022

Mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson
Panic Room Studio | Skövde, Sweden | November 2022

Recorded by Felipe Patino
Drum recording assistance by Colton Krohn
The Blasting Room | Ft. Collins, Colorado | July 27 - August 1, 2022
Green Door Recordings | Denver, Colorado | October 15-19, 2022

PR INQUIRIES: Liz Ciavarella-Brenner, Earsplit PR

Logistics by Jan Johnson
Cover art by Max Sherman



all rights reserved



Necropanther Denver, Colorado

We are NECROPANTHER. Short, thrashy death metal songs from a dystopian future. Denver, Colorado.

Paul Anop: Guitar, Vocals
Marcus Corich: Bass, Vocals
Joe Johnson: Guitar
Haakon Sjogren: Drums

Liz Ciavarella-Brenner at EARSPLIT PR
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