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Eyes of Blue Light

by Necropanther

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IMPERIUM OVERTURE The houses of the Landsraad council Hold the planets. Emperor Shadaam the Fourth Fears Duke Leto. He plots his ruin. Spice will let them… Travel Without moving. Travel Without moving. The spice comes from a single planet: Dune, Arrakis, desert land. Home of fearsome sandworms, storms, and Fremen. Spice must flow so we can… Travel Without moving. Travel Without moving. Who controls the spice Controls the universe Dr. Yueh’s sabotage Drops the shield with treachery. Sardaukar shock troopers come To crush the emperor’s enemies. They… Travel Without moving. Travel...
Good As Dead 03:20
GOOD AS DEAD The fight for your life will not wait until you are prepared. You're hoping mercy will be given; none will be spared. Fallen soldier lost, You have sealed your fate. Good as dead, Good as dead, Do you finally see? You are good as dead. Guts gushing out, you cannot stop your own fucking bleed. No one to come to your rescue; you are in need. You die alone, All alone. All the time wasted, you will not see another day. Enemy ruthless, your only choice now is to pray. Good as dead, Good as dead. Now you see Your destiny, Helplessly. You'll never fight again. Never ahead, You are good as dead.
Gom Jabbar 02:46
GOM JABBAR You may be human, but you still must face my gom jabbar. The needle tipped with poison only kills an animal. Place your hand into the box to feel excruciating pain. You must control your instincts and your reflex with a human brain. Face the gom jabbar to prove That you are truly human. Fear’s the little death that passes, Threatening your ruin. Heat upon heat upon heat upon heat, Flesh is curling back and skin is withering away. Heat upon heat upon heat upon heat, Boiling blood and charred bones are all that will remain. The Bene Gesserit will sift the sands of breeding lines. Create the Kwisatz Haderach, truthsayer masculine.
Kiss of Darkness Poison within; Evil and sin; People are nothing: Harkonnen. Strangle the slaves, The kiss of darkness To Feyd. Rule them with power and fear, The tools of statecraft Severe. You Must squeeze Arrakis, The Beast Rabban. Poison the blade. The helpless victim Betrayed. Only the cruelest will thrive. The ruthless tyrant Survives. Torture and kill, Amplify pain. Only the nightmare Remains.
HUNTER-SEEKER Movement, Assassin will see your steps Through an eye in the floating machine. Flesh-bound, Ripping a hole in you, It comes for you when you sleep. Hunter-seeker finds its way floating through the air. Poison needle ends your life, no cure to prepare. It travels on. Silence, Utter a single word, Can’t warn those who you call friends. Bleed out, Poison flows in your blood, No thought can help you contend. Hunter-seeker finds its way, floating through the air. Poison needle ends your life, no cure to prepare. It travels onward, Hunter-seeker, Poison feeder, Death receiver, Hidden master, Silent laughter, Holtzmann dancer, Your disaster. You can’t fight this anymore. No reason laid, Your sentence was already made. Now close your eyes.
Shai-Hulud 03:21
SHAI-HULUD' Shai-Hulud, Sandworms of Arrakis. Shai-Hulud Spice Little is known of the young sandworm’s life. Sandtrout must learn to survive. Pre-spice mass explodes. Four hundred fifty meters in the deep desert Worms grow to a massive size, And it lives for thousands, Thousands of years. Worms, Deep desert life, Origins of the spice. Use hooks to ride. Ride. Crush and destroy, Ride as a leader of men. You are Fremen. Shai-Hulud, Old man of the desert, Summoned by vibration, Maker of the spice melange, Mouthful of thousands of knives.
Weirding Way 02:44
WEIRDING WAY Change your mind and change your place. Control your muscles and your nerves To move behind your enemy And deal the death that they deserve. The shadow of the second moon Controls me like a memory. The Fremen girl that haunts my dreams Will lead me to my destiny. Bene Gesserit combat, Trust the weirding way. Use your voice for the attack, Trust the weirding way. Follow me. I’ll teach you the weirding way To slaughter your enemies, They won’t have a hope anymore. Run away Into the forbidding sands And live by the weirding way, Never to fear anymore. He gives water to the dead.
Fedaykin 03:36
FEDAYKIN Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib! Death commandos, Fedaykin rise, Fremen guerillas fight. Harkonnens, no hope for life, Choke off all of their spice. Lisan al-Gaib, we honor your ducal claim. We fight Harkonnens while chanting your name. Smother production of geriatric spice, The Beast Rabban thinks that this is a game. We’ve taken an oath we’re ready to die. Lead us to freedom, we’ll fight by your side. We are Fedaykin, Thirsty for war. This is your blade, I’ll place it where you say. If you don’t lead me, I’ll kill them anyway. We are Fedaykin, Thirsty for war. You are the Mahdi, Settle the score.
WATER OF LIFE Only women ingest water, Any man has tried and died. Bene Gesserit Sayyadina, Eyes of blue light. Regurgitate the water. Behold, the water of life. Bene Gesserit secrets Unlocked in mind. Drown the worm, Retrieve the precious liquid. Drown the worm, Reverend Mother. Water of life, Ingest the bile. Sleeper awakens, Arise. Paul secretly drinks the water Placing him into a trance. Chani summons Jessica. Poison brings awareness. Water of life, Ingest the bile. Kwisatz Haderach, Arise.
HOUSE ATOMICS Perched on the shield wall, Arakeen below, My sand storm’s coming. The Great Mother, blow! The Emperor and his legions of Sardaukar, Supremely confident with witches and wives, Never thought that the Fremen could conquer him, Never thought guerrilla house could survive. Use the bombs to blast, Bring the shield wall down. The storm will blow, Sand worms will flow down. My pet Sardaukar and Sister, Alia, show the truth To Emperor and Baron, She kills despite her youth. All the Great Houses Are waiting to raid. Spice has run and out And the Guild is afraid. They killed my son and captured my family. Only the women and the elders fought back. Without their spice, the Guildsmen are blind To the outcome of the final attack. Worms come down and swarm Into the city streets. They crush, deliverIng The Emperor defeat. Revenge! We kill Harkonnens!
Feyd-Rautha 01:43
FEYD-RAUTHA Raised by the Baron on Giedi Prime, Dedicated to Harkonnen ways, Cruelty and sadism, exploit the spice mine slaves, Heir to the House Harkonnen. Known for his skill in single combat, Willing to break rules of Kanly, I will kill him, Paul Atreides, poison spur attack. Will he use the voice? My blade will kill him For the Emperor. I’ll slay the Kwisatz Haderach And marry Irulan. I’ll slay Feyd-Rautha. The blade slips to the brain. I am the Kwisatz Haderach; I rule the universe. I will not speak the words he’s conditioned. I will risk my life for vendetta’s rule. Murdered my one-hundredth victim, seventeenth birthday. Come and meet your death, you Atreides fool. My blade will kill him For the Emperor. I’ll slay the Kwisatz Haderach And marry Irulan. I’ll slay Feyd-Rautha. The blade slips to the brain. I am the Kwisatz Haderach; I rule the universe.
Strange Gods 04:03


released February 23, 2018

Paul Anop - Vocals, Guitar
Marcus Corich - Bass
Joe Johnson - Guitar
Haakon Sjogren - Drums

Produced by Necropanther

Mixed and Mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden
Recorded by Felipe Patino at Green Door Recordings, Denver, CO

Published by Meowmeow Music (ASCAP) and Magister Ludi Tunes (ASCAP)

Cover art by Bob Million



all rights reserved



Necropanther Denver, Colorado

We are NECROPANTHER. Short, thrashy death metal songs from a dystopian future. Denver, Colorado.

Paul Anop: Guitar, Vocals
Marcus Corich: Bass, Vocals
Joe Johnson: Guitar
Haakon Sjogren: Drums

Liz Ciavarella-Brenner at EARSPLIT PR
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